“To foster an intellectual community whose members are all guided in their development by high moral values, intercultural understanding and lifelong learning.”


“We strive to provide learning and teaching that provides opportunities for harmonious development and guides to create a tolerant world around us.”


1.Patriotism (showing love for the homeland, pride in the achievements of one’s country, a desire to develop the language and culture of the people);

2.National identity (respect for the culture of inter-ethnic relations, respect for traditions and customs, tolerance);

3.Harmonious development (a well-rounded person who lives in harmony with herself or himself);

4.Active citizenship (informed participation in the life of society, striving to be useful for the country and its people, ability to adequately express one’s opinion, one’s point of view);

5.Empathy (the ability to empathise and show participation);

6.Self-expression (developing one’s inner world, following the voice of conscience, manifesting and showing one’s attitude towards the world);

7.Hard work (developing diligence, responsibility, diligence)..

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Nur – Sultan

is an international school that provides educational opportunities for gifted students through International Baccalaureate programmes and whose mission is to develop intellectual community, intercultural understanding and the value of lifelong learning.


As a community, we provide learning and teaching of high quality (HQTL) through curriculum and further education courses; caring for the welfare and safety of students through the cultivation of national and personal values.


Our curricula are International Baccalaureate programmes designed for national educational needs, providing opportunities to develop creative and critical thinking, and to reflect on the diversity of global learning and teaching learning through personal experience of choosing only the best practices.

Additional educational courses

Our further education courses include creative, language, technical and sporting activities, where each student develops and realises his or her individual potential and puts his or her knowledge into practice.

Concern for the welfare of students

Our concern for students’ welfare is a constant concern for the social and emotional environment, so that every student feels happy and comfortable at school to enjoy the learning process.

Student safety

The safety of our students means providing first aid; a well-developed emergency and lockdown evacuation system; and information about anti-terrorism and other useful life knowledge, skills and possible actions.

School certificates

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Nur-Sultan received authorisation for the International Baccalaureate Core Curriculum in November 2015.

International Baccalaureate schools share a common philosophy that offers quality international education.

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Nur-Sultan successfully passed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme authorisation in April 2013.

It is the only school in the network of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools that runs an IB programme.

Nazarbayev Intellectual School Nur-Sultan received its Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation certificate in June 2016.

Nazarbayev’s Nur-Sultan Intellectual School receives ‘UNESCO Club’ status in 2019

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Nur-Sultan is part of a community of UN or «UNM» model clubs.

facts in figures

Graduation grade (out of 45)

Pers.project score (out of 7)

ielts (out of 9)

received for the grant

SAT (out of 1600)

teachers masters

Entered a foreign university

IB examining teachers



Fatima Rishatkyzy was awarded a badge «Abay muragerleri»

Fatima Rishatkyzy, a 10th grade student of NIS IB, participated in the competition organised by the National Online Olympiad Centre and performed Abay’s poem “Alexander”.


NIS IB students become winners of the national competition «Zhas Orken»

In March this year, in order to show the undiscovered potential of the younger generation and strengthen their knowledge and patriotism, the portal baikau.kz organized an online contest for teenagers and young people “Zhas Orken”.


Eldar received an invitation from MIT University

Eldar Urkumbayev, a student at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan, received an invitation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Massachusetts, USA. 

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