Chinese Duke Kunshan University offers full educational grant to a school student from the capital

Nargiz Shantaeva, a graduate of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan, won a full educational grant from China’s Duke Kunshan University. Nargiz also received an invitation from the French University of Sciences Po, which is considered the best political university in Europe according to the QS-2021 world ranking.
The global vision and ethno-cultural diversity followed by the Chinese university caught Nargiz’s attention when choosing the universities. In addition, Duke Kunshan University (DKU) is a joint project between Duke University (USA) and Wuhan University (China). In addition to the DKU diploma, all graduates can receive a Duke University diploma. A graduate of the intellectual school, Nargiz plans to major in law at the university.
– I would like to express my special gratitude to all my teachers and supervisors for their attention and help during these 6 years. As for my graduating classmates, way to go! I wish you the best of luck in every endeavor!
I am currently preparing for university. I hope, then I will get a dream job and prove myself as a qualified specialist in law and justice, – says the young intellectual.
We wish good luck to the graduate, who considers the phrase “No song, no supper” as her life credo.