Rules of criterion assessment
International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is an international non-governmental organization with consultative status with the Council of Europe that implements educational programs for primary (Primary Years Programme), secondary (Middle Years Programme), high school (Diploma Programme) and vocational education (Careers Programme);


A number characterizing the level of academic achievement of students

Classroom parallels

One year classes

The School Information System (hereinafter - SIS)

A school system that allows the school to maintain student demographic and academic records, monitor student and teacher absences and tardiness, generate mid-semester status reports and semester reports for students, and facilitate effective communication between students, teachers and parents through appropriate portals for each group

Assessment Criteria

Learning Objectives, which are translated into criteria for the purpose of determining students’ learning achievements, as evidenced by the work completed. The goals and criteria are set by the IB

Criterion assessment

A process based on a comparison of students’ learning achievements against clearly defined criteria established by the IB and known to all participants (students, parents, or other legal representatives)

Formative assessment

Assessment for learning, providing the student with feedback on current knowledge and skills in the course of daily work to prepare students for a formative assessment

Constant assessment

Assessment, which is carried out by teachers to determine the level of knowledge and skills that students have developed

7-point assessment system

The IB-required assessment system according to which the student’s level of achievement is determined and which is converted to a 5-point scale in accordance with Appendix 2 to thess Rules

Internal Assessment

Assessment of students’ academic achievements according to the criteria established by the IB, which are carried out by teachers of the Intellectual School

External moderation

The process by which the IB verifies the evaluations of student work assessed by teachers in the school to ensure that the IB criteria are correctly applied and standardized for students in all IB schools. This procedure is carried out by experts of the IB

Standardization of assessment

The process of assessing student work by a team of teachers to standardize assessment in order to ensure objectivity and transparency of assessment

Subject guides

The IB guides for core and high school subjects contain requirements and guidelines for curriculum development, instruction, and assessment of the subject matter according to the goals, objectives, and criteria that are also contained in these guides

Approaches to learning

Continuing education skills that focus on communication, socialization, self-regulation, research, and thinking skills

IB information system

International Baccalaureate Information System (hereinafter – IBIS) This is IB’s online registration system for students to participate in the MYP e-assessment.

Providing special conditions

Organization and creation of conditions for students with special needs during the assessment period

Semester report

A report that is prepared at the end of each semester based on a 7-point assessment system. A further description is given in Appendix 3 to these Rules.

Report status

A report that is created mid-semester for students who are at risk of receiving a mark of 3 (satisfactory) or one mark of 2 (unsatisfactory) in two or more subjects on a 5-point scale at the end of the semester. A further description is provided in Appendix 3 of these Rules

General rules for the Diploma Program (DP) / Middle School Program (MYP)

(hereinafter – MYP) A set of DP/MYP documents that define requirements and describe DP/MYP procedures and are approved by the IB

MYP program

IB program implemented in the School in grades 7-10

Interdisciplinary learning

Learning that involves two or more subject(s) groups, is based on a common research question and leads to a common product, which is evaluated based on certain IB criteria for interdisciplinary research

Personal project

A long-term project conducted by 10th grade students in which students demonstrate their experiences with global contexts and approaches to learning in MYP. The project begins in grade 9 and ends in grade 10, is externally moderated by the IB and is an IB requirement for all grade 10 students

MYP unit

Planned group of lessons, which prescribes the topics, objectives, global context, key and subject concepts, the idea of research, defining the content, structure, types of tasks of formative and ascertaining works

MYP criteria

A rubric describing the level of achievement of the MYP subject goal on a scale of 0-8

MYP achievement level

This is a level descriptor that meets the criterion that best corresponds to the achievement in the student’s work

MYP e-assessment

The process of working on the ePortfolio and Personal Project and taking electronic exams moderated or assessed by external International Baccalaureate examiners


An electronic form of accumulation of basic school students’ work on computers or laptops, assessed internally by subject teachers and samples sent for external moderation to the International Baccalaureate

On-screen exams

Formal exams designed and administered by the International Baccalaureate, taken by 10th graders over a period of time through the use of computers or laptops

IB MYP course results

This is an official IB document that provides final MYP subject evaluations on a scale of 1-7 to all students who have been registered in the IBIS for eAssessment results

Diploma programme

(hereinafter – DP) This is a two-year IB program implemented in high school.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

An education document that is issued to a student when the requirements set forth in paragraph 126 of these Rules are met.

Standard and higher level courses

Levels of study of subjects

External assessment

a procedure for assessing student work at the end of the DP program, which is developed and regulated by the IB

External exam

This is a type of external assessment at DP, where the IB provides and assesses students’ end-of-course examinations for high school

Examination evaluation

This is a evaluation issued by the IB as a result of an external assessment DP

Evaluation of internal assessment

This is a evaluation determined by the IB based on the teacher’s assessment and the IB’s external moderation

International Baccalaureate Results Document

This is the official IB document that provides final DP evaluations for all students who have been enrolled in IBIS for graduation

IB Preliminary Evaluation for DP

Predicted student performance on external assessment, which is uploaded to IBIS and is not provided to students

Center for Pedagogical Measurement ( hereinafter - CPM)

An external organization to the School that conducts external assessments of the national component subjects and those required for the UNT certificate

Final evaluation in 10th grade and external assessment in 12th grade

A procedure for assessing student work at the end of elementary and high school, which is developed and regulated by the School, CPM

MYP/DP graduation certificate

The educational credential that is issued to students after they graduate from MYP/DP

Final academic assessment

A procedure conducted to determine the degree of learning of academic disciplines after graduation from the MYP

Academic transcript

The student’s report document, which contains semester, annual, and final evaluations for the current year

by the decision of the AEO Board
«Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools»
dated August 18, 2021 (Minutes No. 42)

for Criteria-Based Assessment of Students’ Achievements in «Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan» Educational Organization «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools»