Student self-government

Student self-government is the management of the life of the school community by the pupils, based on their initiative, independence, creativity, improvement of their own lives, sense of responsibility, mutual assistance and organisational skills.


The activities of the school’s student government are aimed at:

– Achieving an appropriate educational and cultural level for students;

– Adaptation of pupils to life in society;

– Fostering in students citizenship, patriotism, industriousness, respect for human rights and freedoms, and love of the natural environment.

The goal

The objectives of the establishment and operation of the student government bodies are:

– Democratisation of the educational process in the school;

– Maintaining and strengthening school traditions;

– Development of students’ leadership qualities;

– Creating conditions for students to realise their interests and needs;

– Development of socially significant projects;

– Solving common problems taking into account the interests of students.


Main tasks:

– To coordinate the activities of the members of the school self-government in the implementation of joint programmes;

– To stimulate and support students’ community-value initiatives;

– Drawing the attention of the student community to the problems of the students;

– To cooperate with the school administration, the school teaching staff, and various youth organizations in developing solutions for the benefit of the students;

– Protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the students of the school.

Any student who wishes to join the Student Council may do so, on application