Head of club: Koshkinbayeva B.S.

Mission of the club:

Preserving moments and traditions of school life in the history of the school, through the journalism club and school television through the eyes of students.

Aim of the club:

School Television through the eyes of young journalists will work to create television programmes where each participant can express his or her opinion. School TV will preserve moments and traditions of school life in the history of the whole school community

Student profile: 

Through school television, NISA PRESS participants will be open, inquisitive, communicative, risk-taking and caring.

The main directions of the club:

«Guest in the studio»

«Reporting – interviews» (from the field)


«Sports commentator»

«Studio speakers»

«Vines» (teacher-student, student-student, teacher-teacher problems…)

«Admins to the social media page «NISA PRESS»» (Instagram, VK, Facebook)


The main professional skills that participants in the club will acquire are those of:

  1. Group Supervisor;
  2. Journalist;
  3. Director;
  4. Scriptwriter;
  5. Operator;
  6. Announcer;
  7. Cinematographer;
  8. Administrator of Instagram

Participants of the club select groups according to the suggested areas and will plan and edit films, stories, television news and interviews as they learn.

The students will produce TV news and current affairs reports, film school events, sporting activities and conduct video surveys. The NISA media press club gives students the opportunity to express their views on the world and to feel like independent people who can take responsibility for “their creation” in front of their peers and adults. The club is designed to involve a large number of students in a variety of creative activities.

Club topics are varied, depending on the needs and wishes of the community and members.


The student voice is important, through feedback and reflection on different school events and problems!

Conclusion. Project development.  

The club is long-term, practical, action- and results-oriented.

The press centre will be constantly developing and new television projects, author’s programmes and participants will appear.

The history, traditions and best moments of school life are preserved year by year.