NIS IB students become winners of the national competition «Zhas Orken»

Pupils of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Nur-Sultan took part in the national competition “Zhas Orken” and won prizes.

In March this year, in order to show the undiscovered potential of the younger generation and strengthen their knowledge and patriotism, the portal organized an online contest for teenagers and young people “Zhas Orken”. The 10th H grade student Shugyla Karshigakyzy won first place in the online competition on the theme “Essays – El bolam deseun”.

The pupil of the 10 H class Aida Dinmuhammed took part in the competition in the direction of “Literary reading – Mukagali Makataev” and thanks to good preparation took the prize-winning II place.

The leader of the students also was not left without an award. For participation in the contest and preparation of the best pupils for the republican online contest for teenagers and young people “Zhas Orken” Gulnafis Kusherbayeva was awarded by diploma.

On behalf of the school community we heartily congratulate the students and teacher on their achievements!