The students of the NIS International Baccalaureate School met with a famous poet and writer

As part of the “Smart Thursday” and “Zamandastar zhyrlary” projects, the NIS International Baccalaureate school students met with Almaz Myrzakhmet, a holder of the “Abai” anniversary medal, a famous poet – Zhuldyzai Yskak.  

The curtain of the literary evening was opened by Akkerbez Tleubekova, a student of NIS International Baccalaureate, with a song “Zhaksy adamdar”, lyrics of which were written by Zhuldyzai Yskak. 

At the spiritual evening there was a new direction for personal and creative searches of schoolchildren.

– Surprised by the creative level of the children.  In the era of new technologies, focused on science, literature is left out, but not in this school. The creative direction of intellectuals is pleasing, – shared Almaz Myrzakhmet.

True art is the most beautiful human creation, which inspires us, makes us rejoice in life and love the world around us.  Works of art are considered immortal when they impress not only the contemporaries of the author, but also all subsequent generations. During the meeting, students recited poems by the authors by heart.

Also, students in grade 10 D presented to the audience a comic book and a stage composition based on the story “Kogershin” by Almaz Myrzakhmet.

One of the projects visitors were interested in was a school newspaper IBEASY. According to guests, the work of a large editorial staff is done by students themselves.

By tradition, the guests gave the school library books with personal autographs.