Intellectuals became winners in the game «What? Where? When?»

Students of NIS International Baccalaureate School took part in an intellectual game among the capital’s pupils.

The honor of the school was defended by students of 11-12 grades Aidana Valikhan, Asema Aubakir, Sara Tapalova, Zarina Maulenova, Aida Davletova, Sanzhar Kozhakhmet.

According to the organizers, the new season began with the game, dedicated to the Teacher’s Day, and the questions also became more complicated. Let’s note, that it was the first game of intellectuals, but they won.

– For us it was a great experience and increased interest in games of this format. During the game we answered some questions about the intricacies of teaching. We plan to take part in the new season of the game,” said NIS student Sanzhar Kozhakhmet.


The educational game was supported by the Russian House organization at the Russian Center of Science and Culture.