TEDx conference

In Nazarbayev Intellectual school in Nur-Sultan was organized TEDx-conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of independence.

At the TEDx platform, students in grades 11-10 Kenes Zhaniya, Kuanysh Inkar, Orazkhan Elnaz, and Abdikarimova Zhanetta shared their cases.

 The guest of the event is Zhandildayev Bakdaulet Bolatovich – deputy of Maslikhat of Nur-Sultan, chairman of the capital branch of Jas Otan.  

What makes TEDx different from other conferences is that it is an informal, free discussion platform. It helps people share their thoughts and improve their speaking skills.

The NIS School of International Baccalaureate regularly hosts TEDx conferences.

Today’s organizers of the platform were teachers of history of Kazakhstan: Rauschangul Tursynakhunovna Zholdybaeva and Gaziz Aktoty Gazizovna.