NIS International Baccalaureate students met with guests of the “Shabyt” project

The guests of the evening were famous journalists – Makpal Zhumabay, who devoted her creativity to children, and Serikbol Hasan, a member of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– Creativity is within the existing person. It is the happiness of man if he manages to find the key”, says Makpal Zhumabai.

At the meeting, Serikbol Hasan told his students how he came to be creative and spoke about the greatness of the concept of a teacher who became a source of knowledge and skills.

– A teacher is a person who helps you open the door to a new, unknown world. Parents educate on their own level. And the teacher helps the child further ignite his or her potential and become a strong professional.

Hundreds of viewers got a chance to watch the meeting live.