The results of the photo contest “Photocamp”

The results of the photo contest organized by the autonomous educational organization “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” from 9 to 16 August 2021 among students who have completed the elective course “Photocamp-2021” are summarized. According to the decision of the jury, Margarita Yurieva, a student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan, took the second place.
The 10th grade students Nurai Sultan and Margarita Yurieva took part in the contest on behalf of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of the capital. Using the knowledge gained from the National Geographic Kazakhstan photojournalists, they were able to capture on camera the most picturesque places of their native land.
Works of participants of the network photo contest made on a professional camera, were estimated in four areas: “Local history. Tugan elge tagzym”, “Service to Society”, “Faces of my city – a moment of happiness…” and “My summer vacation. According to the results of the contest Dias Baimukhametov (NIS Semey) took the first place, Margarita Yurieva (NIS Nur-Sultan), Bakyt Khaman (NIS Shymkent) took the second place, Amina Rashid (NIS Karaganda), Ulyana Kolenchenko (NIS Pavlodar) and Zere Zhairbaeva (NIS Almaty) – the third place.