Nauryzov meetings – the first step to great science

Minister of Education Gani Beisembayev called the Naurizov Meetings the first step to big science.

XII Nauryzov Meetings “Biomedicine, Engineering and Technologies” united more than 100 young NIS scientists and more than 50 students of supporting rural schools from all regions of the country.

Chairman of the Board of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Anuar Zhangozin noted the relevance of biomedicine and the introduction of artificial intelligence in health care, as the main theme of the meetings, and the desire of young scientists to work in one of the most popular areas of global science.

In the capital Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics solemnly opened the Nauryz 2023 Meetings “Biomedicine, Engineering and Technology”. From NIS International Baccalaureate school participants are Ydyrysbaeva Tomiris, Aidargalieva Ayym, Tursynkhan Tair, Sultangazinov Batyrkhan, Mamyrbek Zhanel.