Good deeds of NIS IB students

As part of the “30 Good Deeds” campaign launched on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence, parents and students of the 11th F class of NIS IB visited a low-income family of many children last weekend. At the request of the mother of six children, a new oven was purchased, warm clothes and food sets were collected and diapers were bought for the youngest child.

People’s involvement in a charity shows the level of development of the society.

” The desire to help others without expecting anything in return makes each of us a better person. Doing good deeds, we get the right life orientation and valuable experience”, – shared the curator of the 11th F class Aliya Saparovna.

Aida Davletova, 11 F student  together with her family visited the Children’s Home 1 for orphans and children without parental care in Akkol in Akmola region. Aida’s personal books and presents from the 11th grade students were given to the children from the center. There are now 98 children living in the center. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, meetings are prohibited. Books were donated to the library, sweets and fruit for the children. We received feedback from the administration of the orphanage, the children received the presents and were excited to start getting to know the rest of the library.