Exhibition of paintings “Me and My World”

At NIS International Baccalaureate School as part of the Basic Middle School (MSS) program, 7th grade teachers of Fine Arts, Kazakh Language, and Russian are hosting an exhibition of the final products of the Interdisciplinary Unit.

Aigul Tolegenova, Meruert Ziyatbek, Aida Asenova, and Klara Omarova conducted the Interdisciplinary Unit among 7th grade students on “Me and My World” during Term 1.

In the course of study students, studying color relations in the fine arts, verbal art, form a personal attitude to the perception of the surrounding reality.

The main idea of the study: The formation of personality and self-esteem of the student can be expressed through color, form, and influence the audience through verbal and nonverbal ways of communication.

The point of connection for disciplines from different subject groups is the global context of Personality and Attitude, viz: Personality Formation, Self-Assessment.

As a final product, 7th grade students created their own metaphor of life, that is, their own worldview through a picture.

According to the teachers, this type of work is not only important in terms of integrating subjects, but also in developing skills. Through subject synthesis, students develop self-reflection skills.

This type of work helps teachers understand what emotions students are feeling right now, what challenges they are facing, and how school can help very young intellectuals.