Teacher from NIS International Baccalaureate won first place in the international online competition

Aigul Zulkharnaevna Tulegenova, a teacher of the Department of Design and Art at NIS International Baccalaureate, won first place in the Golden time talant international art competition.

        International Art Contest Golden time talant is a very famous platform that is looking for talents not only in fine arts, but also in dance, singing, interior design, decorative art, etc. The jury of the contest representatives from different countries.

         Aigul Tulegenova has worked at the Intellectual School for about 10 years and is a qualified specialist.

         “In this fast-changing world, as a teacher of visual arts, I always try to develop in my professional area. That is the main reason for my participation in the competition.”

        She explained that Golden Time – a large-scale competition, which was attended by 17 countries and more than 3,000 artists, it is dedicated to the promotion of art culture under the banner of peace and understanding between peoples.

       “This contest interested me by the fact that children can also take part in it. And now I’m sure that my students will have the opportunity to check their skills in this competition, and get the best place” – shared Aigul Tulegenova.

      She shows her students by example that participating in contests is necessary for their own growth.