САS – The personal growth of an individual as a person depends to a greater extent on experience, various impressions experienced by him, and not only on academic learning. The CAS component provides students with the opportunity to “learn through experience” through personal engagement in creative, physical and social projects.

“CAS is the heart of the diploma program”, or the quintessence of DP values: C – Creativity, A – Activity, S – Service

1. Creative self-realization, self-expression, development of one’s creative abilities and skills, search for new forms

2. Health, movement, physical culture as a body culture and a way to maintain vitality – striving for regular exercise, healthy foods, healthy habits.

3. Understanding of the current issues of society, the ability to see problems in their immediate environment, the local community and the ability to make a real personal active contribution to solving these problems, the ability and desire to help those who are socially vulnerable or not protected, mastering the concept of civic position and responsibility as a citizen

CAS is a compulsory component for all students enrolled in the Diploma Programme. 

To receive an IB diploma, a student must:

• Constantly participate in various activities for at least 18 months of the Diploma Programme.
• Participate in at least one CAS “project”, the duration of which must be at least for one month, and also include all 5 stages of CAS.
• Achieve all seven CAS learning outcomes.

• CAS activities should be both group and individual ones.
• Maintain a CAS portfolio in the form of a blog and keep a record of all CAS experiences/ projects.
• Post reflective posts in your portfolio at least once a month, including proof of CAS learning outcomes

  • Complete three interviews with an adviser or CAS coordinator
  • Achieve a balance between Creativity, Activity and Service.
  • Attend CAS Reflection lessons every week (according to the schedule).
  • Attend a CAS trip, which is usually organized at the end of the 1st year of study.