Our students Aida and Akhmet won prizes in a creative contest organized by the «Daryn» Educational Center

NIS IB students took part in a creative competition organized by the intellectual educational center «Daryn» and won prizes.

The creative competition was organized remotely in order to identify talented young people among students of pre-school, secondary educational institutions and universities. In the competition in the direction of “The essay”, in the nomination “Ana tilim – aibynym” Aida Dinmukhammed was awarded a Diploma of the first degree and Ahmet Uzen – a Diploma of the second degree. The supervisor of students Kusherbayeva Gulnafis Poshanovna was awarded the Grateful letter for high preparation of students to creative competition and participation in education of rising generation.

On behalf of the staff of the school sincerely congratulate the students with the achievements! We wish the supervisor Gulnafis Kusherbayeva success and good luck in her work!