Our school has a psychological support service which works in the following directions:
• psychological – pedagogical diagnostic analysis for identification of NIS Astana students’ status features.
• psychological – pedagogical developing work. It is carried out during the whole year and filled with the content depending on the problems of this or that stage of work.
• advisory work with teachers and parents. It is carried out during the whole year and connected with discussions of the diagnostic analysis results and the individual needs of students, teachers and parents.
• methodical work directed on updating and improvement the techniques of the teaching content. It is carried out together with teachers and school administration according to the individual student’s results.
• psycho-remedial work focused on supporting students with the difficulties connected with their behavior or study process. This support is provided in groups or individually.
• organizational – advisory work with teaching staff directed to improvement of the educational process, and creation of social and pedagogical conditions for successful adaptation.

The psychological support service provides individual meetings with parents:
Tuesday from 9 am to 4 pm (room 127)
Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm (room 146)

Our contacts:

Uksukbaeva Aigul Ahmetkanovna uksukbaeva.aigul@nisa.edu.kz

Abdrakhmanova Zhanbota Baltabekovna abdrakhmanova.zhanbota@nisa.edu.kz

Malikova Dariga Gazizovna malikova.dariga@nisa.edu.kz

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