Full Name:  Matthew Devanney

Nationality:  Canadian

Subjects and level in NIS:  History, MYP and DP

Educational History (Degrees): 

  • 1995 – Bachelor of Education.  Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.
  • 1993 – Master of Arts in History.  University of Western Ontario.  London, Canada.
  • 1992 – Bachelor of Arts (with honors) in History.  Saint Mary’s University.  Halifax, Canada

Other professional development (Certificates, workshops):

  • 2012 – International Research -to- Practice Conference.  School leadership and management           
  • 2012 – Personal Project (MYP) workshop. 
  • 2011 – Diploma Program Coordinator’s Workshop. 
  • 2010 – Delivered a History Extended Essay training workshop for the I.B. Diploma Programme  Certified by AACBE
  • 2010 – Diploma Program, History, Category 2:  History in the Diploma Program. 
  • 2009 – Middle Years Program: Workshop in Assessment,
  • 2009 – Became an Assistant Examiner of History for the IBDP.
  • 2006 – Middle Years Programme workshop category 1 & 2, Humanities. 
  • 1994 – Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language.   

Full name: Lizbeth Abadía-Klinge

Nationality: Colombian

Subjects and level in NIS: Visual Arts

Educational History: 

  • The National University in Colombia, Master of Plastic Arts 
  • Specialization in Pottery and Ceramics, National University of Colombia
  • Specializations in Art History, Museum of Museums 

“Strong teachers don’t teach content; Google has content. Strong teaching connects learning in ways that inspire kids to learn more and strive for greatness.” ~Eric Jensen

Certificates and Diplomas: 

  • 2009 – IB DP Visual Arts 1
  • 2010 – Arts MYP
  • 2010 – IB Examiner Visual Arts DP since
  • 2011 – IB DP Visual Arts 2
  • 2011 – IB Academy 2011 / Workshop leader, member of evaluation visit team, consultant
  • 2011 – IB Moderator Arts MYP since 2011
  • 2012 – Pilot implementation of the new electronically assessment of Visual Arts IBDP
  • 2013 – Participant in developing the “MYP: The Next Chapter”
  • 2013 – Pilot implementation for Arts in MYP
  • 2014 – Upskilling IB Learning to facilitate online
  • 2014 – Upskilling PAI: el siguiente capítulo para responsables de taller (1)
  • 2014 – Upskilling Taller de perfeccionamiento del PAI: Grupos de asignaturas. 

Full Name:  Laura Carolina Barrera Beltran

Nationality: Colombian

Subjects and level in NIS: Science MYP & Biology MYP

Educational History: 

  • Industrial Microbiologist – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Other professional development:

  • MYP “The Next Chapter ” Workshop 2014
  • Global Contexts Workshop 2013
  • Pilot for Science in MYP 2012- 2013
  • Developing MYP units of work in Sciences Workshop 2010

Full Name:  Heleen Tims


lity:  Dutch

Subjects and level in NIS:  International Vice Principal for Academic Affairs and teacher of Math MYP

Educational History (Degrees): 

  • 1982 Masters degree in Sociological Economics, University of Groningen
  • 1997   Mathematics Teaching Certificate, Noordelijke Hogeschool

Other professional development (Certificates, workshops):

  • 2000   Certificate training ‘Project Management’, Jansse en Koekkoek, Netherlands
  • 2003   Workshop leader IB for MYP coordination and mathematics and member of IB authorization and evaluation teams for MYP
  • 2006   IB PYP math workshop, Netherlands
  • 2006   Visible Thinking, Course from Harvard Project Zero by Ron Ritchart, Netherlands
  • 2008  IB Diploma math workshop, Sweden                                                       
  • 2010   Leadership and Management Development ,Course from SHL people solutions, Bethesda, USA
  • 2013   Certificate ‘Leading Educational Systems at the National Level’, Harvard Graduate School of Education, online course

Full Name:  Liliana Ferro-Isaza

Nationality: Colombian

Subjects and level in NIS:  Theory of Knowledge (DP)

Educational History (Degrees): 

1997    Philosophy (Bachelor of Arts), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia; Suma cum laude, Double minor: Literature and Mathematics.

Other professional development (Certificates, workshops):

International Baccalaureate

  • 2013 – Theory of Knowledge, Online
  • 2012 – CAS, Online
  • 2012 – Middle Years Programme Personal Project, Dubai, UAE
  • 2011 – Diploma Programme Coordination, Dubai, UAE
  • 2009 – Middle Years Programme Assessment, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2009 – Middle Years Programme From Principles into Practice, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2008 – Middle Years Programme Assessment, Recording and Reporting, IBO online workshop
  • 2008 – Middle Years Programme Coordination, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2007 – Theory of Knowledge Examiner workshop, IBO online 2007 Middle Years Programme in Humanities, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 2006 – Theory of Knowledge Workshop, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2004 – Extended Essay Workshop, San José, Costa Rica
  • 2002 –  Extended Essay Workshop, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 1998, 2003 – Philosophy Workshops, both held in Bogotá, Colombia
  • Andean Association of International Baccalaureate Schools (AACBI)
  • 2004, 2005, 2006 – Philosophy teacher training, Colegio Anglo Colombiano, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2004 – Theory of Knowledge teacher training, Colegio Anglo Colombiano, Bogotá, Colombia 

Current educational / professional development:

  • TOK assistant examiner since 2007
  • 2014    Started Masters In Education at the University of Bath
  • 2014   MYP Workshop leader training 

Name: John Rider

Nationality:  British

Subjects and Level in NIS:  Drama and English, Middle School

Educational History (Degrees): 

  • CTEFL – Teacher Training International, London
  • BSc Physics – Gordon University Florida
  • BA – Theatre – Rose Bruford College, Surrey, UK (Ongoing course of study)

 Other professional development:

  • Workshop Leader – The Reluctant Differentiator (Differentiation Professional Development) (2012)
  • Workshop Leader – Theatre Sound and Light for Non-Theatre People (2009 + 2011)
  • Workshop Leader – Presentation Skills Professional Development (2010)
  • Workshop Leader – Vocal Health for Educators (2008 + 2010)
  • Differentiation workshop PD Participant (Vietnam) (2008)
  • Differentiation Workshop PD Participant (South Korea) (2009)
  • 6+1 Traits of Good Writing workshop participant (2004)
  • BA – Drama and Theatre (ongoing)
  • Winner of the Superintendent’s Award, American School of Kuwait
  • Theatrical Director – “It’s Not Me, It’s You”, “Cinderella” (an English pantomime), “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Sweeney Todd”, “100kg Beauty” (an adaptation of the famous Korean play “200lb Beauty”), “Cinderella Ella Ella”, “The Pretender”, “The Dracula Spectacular”,
  • Actor – John Arscott / Cpt. Campbell in “Our Country’s Good”, Paul Sheldon in “Misery”, Petal Hardup in “Cinderella”, Ivan in “Art”, Madam Arcati in “Blithe Spirit”, Cpt. Bluntschli in “Arms and the Man”, Lane / Rvd. Chasuble in “The Importance of Being Earnest”

Consultant – Cambridge University Press for Drama

Full Name:   Kevin McCoy  

Nationality:  American

Subjects and level in NIS: Social Studies (MYP)

Educational History (Degrees):  

  • 2017 – The University of Memphis, M.A. History
  • 2011 – Lewis-Clark State College, Secondary Education: History; Social Studies; American Government / Political Science
  • 1997 – Clark University, B.A. Comparative Politics and History

Other professional development (Certificates, workshops):

  • 2015 – Individuals and Societies: Delivering the MYP curriculum
  • 2014 – Diploma Programme Category 1 History (Route 2)
  • 2014 – Additional content course: The History of Modern Philosophy: University of Idaho Independent Study
  • 2010 – 2014 – Additional content coursework in the following Social Studies subjects: History, Geography, Sociology, Social Psychology: Louisiana State University IDL

Lukasz Kruczek

Economics & Business Studies educator with hands-on experience in preparing students to study overseas. Passionate and dedicated teacher with thorough understanding of A-Level, AP and IB curricula. CIE and IB Economics examiner.

Dipont Education, Xian Gaoxin No. 1 High School (China)

Oncourse China-Britain International School in Xian (China)

Xian Jiao Tong University GAC/PMP Center (China)

Kings International English in Xiamen (China)

Promar International School of Languages & Management in Rzeszow (Poland)

Technical University of Rzeszow (Poland)

Kapil Kumar

Nationality:  Indian

Subjects and level in NIS: Mathematics (DP)

Educational History (Degrees): 

  • 2011 – Master in Education, Vardhman College Itarsi / Barkatullah University Bhopal, India  
  • 1998 – Master Degree in Mathematics, Christ Church College Kanpur
  • 1995 – B.Sc. B.Ed., Regional College of Education Bhopal / Barkatullah University Bhopal, India

Other professional development (Certificates, workshops):

  • IB DP Mathematical Studies Category 1 and 2

Full Name: Sandip Kulkarni 

Nationality:  Indian

Subjects and level in NIS: Teacher of Biology (MYP)

Educational History (Degrees): 

  • 2009 – Performance Certificate in Dramatics
  • 2004 – Bachelor of Education            
  • 2003 – Bachelor of Physical Education                       
  • 2002 – Master of Computer Management
  • 2000 – Bachelor of Science                                                                  

Other professional development (Certificates, workshops):

  • 2007 – Higher education and Social change in 21st Century, European Science Foundation, Sweden
  • 2007 – Selection in Teacher Exchange Program, LECT, (League of Exchange of Common Wealth Teachers), UK

Shiv Gaur

Teacher of Mathematics 

2008 – Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Barkatullah University,Bhopal

1995 – Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Pune

1992 – Bachelors degree in Business Management (BBA), Barkatullah University                      

Courses and Workshops:

2014 – IBAP Category 3 Workshop on “TOK for Subject Teachers” held at the British International School, Jakarta, Indonesia

2014 – IBAP MYP Category 2 Workshop on “Mathematics : Delivering the MYP Curriculum”, Jakarta, Indonesia 

2012 – IB Diploma Programme Mathematical Studies Category 2, Scottish High School in Gurgaon

2012 – DP SAIBSA Job-Alike Session Pathways School, Noida

2010 – International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad

2009 –  National Conference on Technology & Innovation in Mathematics Education,  Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Bombay at Mumbai2007 – National  Conference  on  Technology  &  Innovation  in  Mathematics  Education, Indian Institute of Technologgy(IIT) Bombay at Mumbai. 

Hammed Abdul

Chemistry teacher

Paul Layton

Biology teacher


1998 – 2001 Institute Chartered Accountants England andWales – Part Qualified Chartered Accountant
1991 – 1992 University of Bristol PGCE in Secondary School Science with subsidiary TEFL
1988 – 1991 University of Leeds B.Sc. (Hons) Genetics
1987 – 1988 University of Exeter Studied Psychology for one year – transferred to Leeds University.
1985 – 1987 Woodhouse College, Finchley, London: A Level: Biology-A, Chemistry -A, Maths/ Stats -B;
1981 – 1985 Friern Barnet Grammar School, Friern Barnet, London: 10 O, 2 AO level passes: 8 As- Eng. Lit., Geog, History, Bio, Chem, Phys, Int.Sci, AO IT; 3 Bs – English, Mathematics, French, 1 C– AO Pure Mathematics.

Hernan Logmao Lantita

Physics teacher

2004 – MAED-Physics (ED 247.51 Teaching Physics in the Secondary School), Ateneo De Manila University 
2000 – Bachelor of Secondary Education, Marinduque State College

DP Examiner and Moderator


2015 – Science Implementing the MYP Category 1, IB Online Professional Development 
2013 – Online training as IB Examiner and Moderator
2012 – Physics Workshop for International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Teachers, Inthinking Physics Category 2, Berlin, Germany
2011 – University of Cambridge International Examinations Online Professional Development course (Introductory Course IGCSE Physics 0625)
2011 – Introductory Training on the Use of Active Board, Arabian Pearl Gulf, Manama, Bahrain
2011 – First Aid CPR Training Program 2011, Bahrain Red Crescent Society, Bahrain
2010 – Workshop on the Assessment in the IB Diploma – Presented by Faud Prins, IBDP Coordinator Naseem International School, Manama, Bahrain
2010 – English Conversation Fluency 3, Speech Power Philippines
2008 – International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific Regional Workshop Diploma Programme Physics Level 1, Renaissance College, Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China
2006 – Seminar in Nuclear Science for High School Science Teachers – 30th Session (with a grade of 1.5 Credit to Graduate Study), Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, Quezon City, Philippines
2004 – MAED- Physics, 3 units (ED 247.51 Teaching Physics in the Secondary School), Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines.

Luis Eduardo Alzate

Teacher of Design and Computer Science
Los Andes University – Bachelor of Design,
Minor in Visual Computing.
IB Design: Delivering the MYP Curriculum, Online, Cat. 2
Project Zero Perspectives: Think, Create, Innovate
IB Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP, Cat. 3
IB Understanding the MYP next chapter, Cat. 3
XIV Congreso Iberoamericano de Gráfica Digital

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