Zauresh Sugurbayeva

Head of Department
Russian language and literature teacher

K.Zhubanov Aktobe Pedagogical Institute, 1992
K.Zhubanov Aktobe Pedagogical Institute, 2001


2013 – Use of informational educational system in NIS, Astana
2013 – “IB MYP standards and experiences”, Astana, Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University
2013 – “IB MYP standards and experiences”, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University
2014 – “Writing and Speaking skills”, Astana, Cito
2014 – “Language Acquisition (generic): Implementing the MYP Curriculum”, MYP-Category-1, Astana
2014 – Business ethics, Astana, NISA
2014 – Expert seminar on Lesson Study: Innovation of Collaborative Teachers Learning”, Astana

Elvira Rakhmetova

Head of Department
Teacher of English

Semey State Pedagogical Institute, 2008 
Specialty: Foreign language: 2 foreign languages
ShakarimSemey State University, 2010
Specialty: Economist


2008 – Management in Education, USA, Semey
2008 – StrategicDevelopment of Economy Program, USA, Semey
2009 – Inspiring Learners, Enhancing Teaching, Macmillanseminar, Semey
2010 – Information Technology in Teaching using Interactive Whiteboard, Semey
2010 – Technology of the Activity Methodof “School 2000 …” as means of Formation of Student Key Competencies, Semey
2011 – New Methods in Organizing the English Lesson, USA, Semey
2012 – Using IT in Teaching the English Language, Astana
2012 – Innovative Approaches of Teaching English, Semey
2013 – In-Service Training Programme for the Pedagogic Staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan (third level), Ust-Kamenogorsk
2014 – Classroom Management System, Astana 

Borlykbayeva Raikhan

Teacher of English Language

Kazakh University of International Affairs and World Languages named after Ablai khan, Almaty, 2007-2010

Nazarbayev University, Astana
Master of Science “Leadership in Education”, 2016


2013 – DP CAS Category 1 Workshop, Germany, Berlin
2013 – InterCAS Latin America, Latin America, Colombia, Medellin
2014 – Online course on writing and evaluating ToK essay (category 3) IB organization
2014 – Seminar-Training « Conflict resolution» NIS, Astana 
2015 – Online course on teaching English language “B” (category 2), IB organization
2016 – Basic level course, Astana

Tatyana Mashinets

Teacher of English Language
Tselinograd Pedagogical Institute


2012 – Moderator of the  teaching improvement for teachers of the RK courses, on behalf of Republican Center “Daryn” 
2011 – 2012 – Summer educational courses for children (Great Britain, the USA) 
2011 – Work during the cultural-learning shift for children at the republican scientific-practical center “Daryn” 
2011 – Participation in the workshop “Teaching grammar and vocabulary in context”, edition “Longman” 
2011 – Short term courses “Informational technologies in the science and education” at the center of improving of teachers’ qualification of workers of education of the Russian Federation 
2011 – Participation in the seminar “Developing Speech” at the USA Embassy 2012, December – a member of the jury at rayon Olympiad of the English language, on behalf of the republican center “Daryn” 
2013 – Teacher-lecturer at school of the young specialists at the City department of the Education, Astana

Zhanara Nurmaganbetova

Teacher of English Language

Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University 2008-2011
Bachelor of Education (foreign languages)
Speciality: “Foreign languages: two foreign languages” (English, German)

Nazarbayev University, Astana, 2013-2014
Master of Science in Educational Leadership


2011 – Diploma of young teachers contest for VET system “My profession”, Petropavlovsk
2012 – Certificate of completion professional development of RK pedagogical workers on 3rd level programme, Petropavlovsk 
2013 – 2nd prize in regional olimpiad for English language teachers 
2014 – Collection “A heart given to children, the best workers of RK” 
2014 – Certificate of scientific-research center “The youth” and UN children’s fund (UNICEF) on conducting consultations with children, teenagers and youth, Astana
2014 – participation in international conference «SEE Into the Future: Skills, Entrepreneurship and Employment in the 21st century», Astana 
2015 – The winner of Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Program for 2015

Gulnafis Kusherbayeva

Kazakh language teacher

1986-1991 – Kazakh State University after S.M.Kirov


2014 – “MYP Projects”, Belgrad, Serbia
2014 – Certificate of attendance “Middle Years Programme” “Category – 1” “Language Acquisition: Implementing the MYP Curriculum)”,Astana
2014 – How to teach reflection. Astana
2014 – National Conference on Reading: International and local experience, Astana
2014 – “The development of gifted children”, Astana
2015 – “The development of gifted children”, Astana

Ayagoz Barlubayeva

Kazakh language teacher

1996-1980 – Pedagogical Institute of Petropavlovsk
2007-2009 – Bachelor of Kazakh language and literature, Eurasian Humanitarian Institute 


2011 – “IB programme learning journey”, Singapore
2012-2014 – Action Research workshop, Astana
2012 – Techniques in teaching, assessment & Homework Design, Astana
2012 – Language A1: Language and Literature Category 1, Astana
2012 – Language A1: Language and Literature Category 2, Astana
2012 – Intensive English language Course. International House Belfast, North Ireland
2012 – Courses on critical thinking, Uralsk 
2013 – IB MYP workshop, Astana 
2014 – Certificate of attendance “Middle Years Programme” “Category – 1” “Language Acquisition: Implementing the MYP Curriculum)”, Astana 
2014 – National Reading Conference: International and National experience, Astana 
2014 – IB Africa, Europe and Middle East Regional Conference, Rome, Italy

Tolkyn Shomshekova

Kazakh language and literature teacher, the highest category,  teacher-moderator

Zhetysu State University, Taldykorgan


2012 – «Certificate of in – service training. Didactic methods for learning and teaching in primary school the lower grades of basic education» University of Helsinki
2012 – «Certificate of achievement» Cito international
2012 – «Certificate of Completion. Time Menegement»
2013 – «Trainer of Teacher development programme (3 level)»
2013 – «Trainer of Teacher development programme (2 level)»
2014 – “Action in MYP”, Category 3, Perm State University, Luiblyana, Slovenia

Maruyert Ziyatbek

Kazakh language and literature teacher

K.A. Yassavi International Kazakh-Turkish University 
M.Kh. Dualru Taraz State University
Master degree in Kazakh philology: master of philology


2011 – IBprogramme learning journey, Singapore 
2013 – “Conflict management”, Astana
2014 – “Ethics in Business communication”, Astana

Kabyshyeva Zhanar

Russian language and literature teacher

Semey State University
Bachelor of Law
Kazakh Humanitarian Law University in Astana


2014 – Training course “Innovative and pedagogical aspects in modern education” (Astana)
2014 – Training course “Information and communication technologies in professional work of the Russian language and literature teacher” (Semey)
2014 – Certificate of completion professional development of RK pedagogical workers on 2nd level programme (Semey)

Maya Asanbayeva

Russian language and literature teacher
Zhezkazgan Pedagogical Institute, 1984


2012 – Certificate – Short term courses in the framework of the holiday of Russian Slovesnost, Moscow
2012 – Certificate-training seminar “Modern Lesson: Traditions and innovations”, Republic Center of science, Astana
2012 – Certificate -“Types of work on the white Board”, institute of the improving qualification of the leading and scientific-pedagogical employees of the system of Education, Astana

Dametken Syzdykbayeva

Russian language and literature teacher

N.K Krupskaya Semey Pedagogical Institute 
M. Auezov Semey University


2012 – Third Basic degree (Cambridge University program) 
2012 – “Project teaching in forming cognitive competence of students in teaching Russian and literature”
2013 – “Assessing student learning: results and problems”
2013 – ” Development of student’s competencies in Polyglossia “
2013 – ” New approaches to the formation of the core competencies in teaching Russian language and literature

Klara Omarova

Teacher of Russian language and literature
Teacher of Kazakh language and literature

Petropavlovsk pedagogical institute (1982-1986)
M. Kozybayev Petropavlovsk State University (2004-2006)


2014 – Classroom Manaqement System (CRMS), Astana
2015 – The third level courses, Astana.
2015 – “Lanquaqe acquisition: Delivering the MYP curniculum, online courses;
2015 – “Global Contexts Workshop at Berlin Brandenburg School on 5th and 6th” 
2015 – ICT courses (Mid);
2015 – English language proficiency level: Elementary APTIS B2.

Yuliya Alibekova

Teacher of English Language 

Kokshetau State University named after Sh.Ualikhanov, 2007
Kokshetau State University named after Sh.Ualikhanov, 2009

Master of Economics, Kazakh Law University, 2015

Catherine Mclean

Teacher of English Language 


Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature
University of Western Ontario


Diploma in Education for English and English as a Second Language
McGill University

Aruzhan Kamalova

Teacher of English Language 

Dilara Sharipova

English teacher

Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University, faculty of philology,  «Foreign language: two foreign languages» Kokshetau, 2016

Baltic International Academy, “Translation and Interpretation”, Latvia, Riga, 2014

Pedagogical college named after Zh.Mussin, «English teacher», Kokshetau, 2013

2014- International Methodological Conference «Role of English Language Learning in the system of Education, internalization and polylingual concept development in Kazakhstan»

Zhanagul Tursynova

English teacher

“Turan-Astana” University – Bachelor (Translation studies), 2011 
“Turan-Astana” University – Master Degree (Management and business administration), 2013 


2009 – “Skills based approach to teaching English”, Macmillan Kazakhstan 
2009 – “Research and design activities” 
2010 – “Teaching English to teenagers: Learner-based approach”, EC “Alraming”, PEARSON in RK 
2011 – “Innovative methods of learning English language”, Astana Education
2011 – “Improvement of professional skill of English teacher”, IPQ 
2014- “Conflict Management”course, Astana
2014- “Supporting pupils through parents’ involvement in school life” course, Astana

Aytenova Zhadyra

Teacher of English Language

Dumankhan Abdashim

Teacher of English Language

Issabekova Botagoz

Teacher of English Language

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