School Administration

  • Vice-Principal on development

    Eastern Kazakhstan State University (Dist.), Bachelor in History

    Eastern Kazakhstan State University, Master in History

    Courses and workshops:

    2011  «IB programme learning journey» Singapore

    2011  «Learner-Centered Education and Principles of Management of Subject Integration» Sweden
    2011 – SO “Scientific-research and analytical centre on questions about religion ”, “Knowing of Religion”, Astana city2011 – “Main requirements for learning of subject “Knowing of religion””, Astana 
    2011 – “Active training forms of lessons in teaching of subjects of humanities” – AEO “NIS”, Astana
    2012 - International conference on CIS IB schools Association,  «IB-strategy for the future»
    2012 - International scientific-practical conference "Leadership and management in schools
    2012 - "Critical thinking", Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Astana JSC, Astana
    2013  - International conference on CIS IB schools Association, "IB mission: Developing intercultural understanding"
    2013  - Intensive English language courses, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    2013  - Internship on"Organizational, technical,psychological and innovative methods in management of schools on the example of South Korea", Seoul, South Korea
    2013 - Learning the experiences of authorized IB schools, Moscow, Russia
    2013 - Seminar for administrators (MYP programme) Moscow, Russia
    2014  -Training course "Research in Action" Astana
    2014  - Seminar on CIS internatioanl schools standards, Moscow, Russia
    2014 - IB MYP Projgramme, Astana
    2014 - «MYP project» Category 3, Serbia, Belgrad


  • Vice-Principal on Educational work 



  • International Deputy Principal

    University of Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands

    Economics and Sociological Economics

    Courses and Workshops:

    2013- Certificate “Leading Educational Systems at the National Level”, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Deputy Principal 


  • Team Leader

    Dalhousie University – 1994-1995, Bachelor of Arts in Education
    Western Ontario – 1992-1993, Master of Arts in History
    Saint Mary’s – 1988-1992, Bachelor of Arts

    Courses and Workshops:

    2011 - IB training workshop in DP Coordination, Dubai, UAE

    2012 - IB, MYP training workshop in Personal Project, Dubai, UAE

  • Vice-Principal of Financial affairs