• DP Coordinator

    Kokshetau state university after Sh. Ualikhanov
    specialisation: foreign languages

  • MYP Coordinator

    Teacher of Economics

    Nazarbayev University, Astana
    Master of Science "Leadership in Education", 2015

    Eurasian Humanitarian Institute, Astana
    Bachelor of Science "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2015

    University of Glasgow, UK
    Master of Science "Investment banking and finance", 2011 

    Kazakh Economics University named after T.Ryskulov, Astana
    Bachelor of Science "Financial Management", 2009 


    2015 - A study of the leading authorized IB schools, Singapore
    2015 - "Approaches to learning in the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate", Astana
    2015 - A study of the leading authorized IB schools, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
    2014 - "Economics as a subject of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program" Dubai, UAE
    2014 - "Research Practice in Action", Consultants International Council of Cambridge
    2014 - A study of the leading authorized IB schools Ljubljana (Slovenia)
    2014 - A study of the leading authorized IB schools, Berlin (Germany)
    2013 - "Standards and practices of the main high school of IB", Astana.



  • Teaching and Learning Coordinator

  • Coordinator of Personal project

    Teacher of Social Studies

    Karaganda State University named after E.A.Buketov
    Bachelor of geography


    2014 - Individuals and Societies: Implementing the MYP Curriculum, Category 1, Astana 2014 - Lesson Study: Innovation of Collaborative Teachers Learning, Astana 2014 - Action in MYP, Category 3, Slovenia, Ljubljana
    2014 - Business ethics, Astana

  • DP CORE coordinator

    Teacher of Theory of Knowledge
    Core curriculum coordinator

    Theory of Knowledge Assistant Examiner
    MYP workshop leader

    1997 Philosophy (Bachelor of Arts), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia; Suma cum laude
    Double minor: Literature and Mathematics


    2014 - IBEN training for MYP, Brussels
    2013 - Theory of Knowledge, Online
    2012 - CAS, Online
    2012 - Middle Years Programme Personal Project, Dubai, UAE
    2011 - Diploma Programme Coordination, Dubai, UAE
    2009 - Middle Years Programme Assessment, Bogotá, Colombia
    2009 - Middle Years Programme From Principles into Practice, Bogotá, Colombia
    2008 - Middle Years Programme Assessment, Recording and Reporting, IBO online workshop
    2008 - Middle Years Programme Coordination, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    2007 - Theory of Knowledge Examiner workshop, IBO online workshop
    2007 - Middle Years Programme in Humanities, Mexico City, Mexico
    2006 - Theory of Knowledge Workshop, Bogotá, Colombia
    2004 - Extended Essay Workshop, San José, Costa Rica
    2002 - Extended Essay Workshop, Bogotá, Colombia
    1998, 2003 - Philosophy Workshops, both held in Bogotá, Colombia

  • Coordinator of CAS

    Aktobe State Pedagogical Institute
    Foreign languages: English and German


    2012 - “National and Holistic Education in Singapore” through Temasek Technologies, Singapore
    2013 - 2014 Non-degree training through Fulbight FLTA at Indiana University, the U.S.A
    2013 - “English A: Language and Literature” Category I online workshop, IB
    2014 - Regional conference IBAEM, Rome, Italy
    2014 - "Implementing MYP at schools" Online Category 2

  • Coordinator of Service

    Eurasian Humanitarian Institute of Astana city 
    Specialty: Foreign language: 2 foreign languages. Bachelor of Education


    2011-2012 – Professional Development Program (PDP), Nazarbayev University, Astana
    2013 - DP Language B Category 1 Online Workshop
    2013 - DP CAS Category 1 Workshop, Germany, Berlin
    2013 - InterCAS  Latin America, Lati America, Colombia, Medellin
    2013 - Action Research Workshop, Kazakhstan, Astana
    2014 - DP Extended Essay Online Workshop
    2014 - MYP Service and Action Category 1 Workshop, Greece Athens

  • Teacher-moderator

    IB Examiner on ITGS

    Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute
    Master of Information Technology

    Courses and Workshops:

    2017 – International workshop “ICT in education”. MASHAV - Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation, Jerusalem.
    2016 – Courses on the program of the third baseline.
    2015 – Thomson Reuters resources for science researches, online course
    2015 - IB Diploma Programme Workshop «Category 2: ITGS»
    2015 - IB Diploma Programme Workshop «Category 3: Extended Essay».
    2014 – Montana State University, USA, Teaching Excellence & Achievement Program.
    2014 – Birmingham University, IB Diploma Programme Workshop «Category 1: Computer Science»
    2014 - Astana, IB MYP Programme Workshop «Category 1: Design»
    2012 - Time management. Astana
    2012 - Experimental implementation of criterion based assessment by teachers, CITO
    2012 - English for academical targets, «Perm State University»
    2012 - Robotics. Astana
    2012 - Technologies of developing and implementing e-learning content in educational process
    2012 - English language courses. Belfast, UK
    2012 - Workshop to IB DP School (International school of Toulouse, France).

  • Coordinator of Global Context 

    Biology teacher

    Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 2012, Bachelor degree
    Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 2014, Master degree.


    2015 - ATL skills, Category 3
    2015 - Design of thinking, Astana
    2015 - Global Context in MYP, Germany
    2013 - "Molecular Biotechnology" - Düsseldorf, Germany
    2013 - "International environmental camp CIS Youth" - Baku, Azerbaijan.

  • TOK Coordinator  


    Teacher of Social studies and TOK

    Eurasian Humanities Institute, bachelor of foreign language: two foreign languages, year 2012
    Eurasian Humanities Institute, bachelor of Economy and Business (graduated with honors), year 2014
    «Astana» University, master in pedagogy, year 2014

  • Languages Coordinator

    Karaganda State University


    2013 - “Conflict Management” training seminar, NISA Astana