The network spartakiad on togyzkumalak among Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, which lasted four days, came to an end. The winners of the contest held on PlayOk platform were determined.

Before the game the participants were congratulated by the Chairman of the Board of "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" AEO Kulyash Shamshidinova:

- Togyzkumalak is a unique national game with a four-thousand-year history. It develops creativity and logic, so this game is very popular among our students. The interest in the game-blending with the history and culture of its people.

Participants of online competitions shared their impressions of the Spartakiad, interesting memories associated with togyzkumalak.

- This national sport helps to harden the human brain and fully reveal its abilities. In addition, this game is held not only in Kazakhstan, but also in many foreign countries. In several European countries, even literature and methodological aids are published on togyzkumalak, - says Nurhan Tuleev, a 7 G grade student.

- When I started playing togyzkumalak at the age of 6-7, I didn't have many victories. However, thanks to my daily preparation and efforts, I considerably improved my abilities," says Zhaniya Mukhtarkhanova, a student of the 9 D grade. "Thanks to the national game I visited several cities of Kazakhstan and found many friends.

- One day my friend and I played togyzkumalak online. We were so excited about the game that we did not even notice that it is midnight. At some point, we both fell asleep. Our game was left unfinished," recalls Meyrbek Seitmagambet, a 12th grade student.

Among the players who have increased the number of friends at the expense of national sport there is Aida Davletova who studies in 10th grade.

- When I play in togyzkumalak, which develops logic and strategy, I always make friends with my rivals, - says Aida.

Aida Agadil, Deputy Director of the Department of Development of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, noted that children's interest in togyzkumalak grows every year, projects dedicated to the revival of our national culture and traditions are in demand among NIS social projects.

In the team classification in three age groups, the national teams of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of Taldykorgan and Kyzylorda were recognized as champions of 2020. Team Kyzylorda won a confident victory in two youth groups. Anel Kairat, Abylaihan Tynyshtykbai (both NIS of Taldykorgan), Zhuldyzai Munaytbasova (NIS of Taldykorgan) Kyzylorda), Bekzhan Adiljappar (NISH Semey), Zhuldyz Sadykbek (NISH Kyzylorda), Bekarys Zhortabayev (NISH Uralsk) became champions in the individual rating of the age group.