Department of Humanities

Saule Akhmetova 

Head of Department

History teacher
Ust-Kamenogorsk Pedagogical Institute, 1982

Courses and Workshops:

2011  - "New technologies in international education system" 
2011 - "Learning approaches and practice of IB in teaching History
2011  - IB programme 
2011  - Learner-centered approach in learning 
2012 - «Critical Thinbking through reading and writing», Astana 2012 – Courses of professional development «Effective planning of home tasks», Astana 
2013 – Seminar-training «Conflict management and self-regulation», Astana 
2013 – Short term courses of professional development « MYP programme of IB», Astana  
2013 – Module  «Practice of MYP IB» short term courses of professional development on theme: «Standards and practices of MYP IB, Ljubljana, Slovenia  
2013 – Provider center of IB «Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University»  
2013 – Courses of professional development «Technologies of pedagogical reflection», Astana
2013 - "Elaboration of policy and normative base for the organization of work in Nazarbayev Intellectual schools, Astana 
2013 - «Effective management», Astana 
2014 - «Code of Business Ethics» , Astana 
2014 - IBSA VIII Annual conference on theme «Culture of education», Perm 
2014 – Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education  «Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University», participation in the subject session «MYP, Category – 1, Individuals and Societies: Implementing the MYP Curriculum» 
2014 – Courses of professional development "Investigation of practice in action" 
2014 – Courses of professional development " Ethics in Business Communication and Skills of Interpersonal Communication", Astana
2014 - «Mediation skills», Astana 
2014 - “Individuals and societies:  Delivering the MYP curriculum Online category 2” 
2014 - XYII International scientific and practical online conference «Teaching and education: methodology and practice of the academic year 2014-2015», Novosibirsk, Russia  
2015 - ІІІ International online conference “Development of pedagogical science in Eurasia, Vienna, Austria  2015 – IBSA ІХ Annual conference on theme: «Successful cooperation for the benefit of the planet», Ulyanovsk, Russia

Kaliyev Sagingaliy

Head of Department


IB Examiner on History and Extended Essay

L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University 2016; Master of International Relations

Nazarbayev University 2012; Professional Development Program

M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University 2011; Bachelor of History, diploma with distinction


2016 – Teacher’s Professional Development Course (3rd basic level)

2015 – IB Online-Workshop, History (Category 2)

2015 – IB Regional Conference; The Hague, The Netherlands

2015 - Teacher's Training Centre's Certificate, PTC University, London (United Kingdom)

2015 – IBSA Conference; Russian Federation.

2014 - IB Regional Conference; Rome, Italy

2014 - IB Workshop, Extended Essay (Category 3); Jeju, South Korea

2013 - IB Workshop, History (Category 1); Berlin, Germany

Zhanna Aitbayeva 

History teacher
Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov
L.N. Gumilyev Eurasian National university, Master, 2011

Courses and Workshops:

2012 - A seminar on teaching three languages (Alan Neal Crawford), Astana 
2012 - The critical thinking, Astana  
2014 – “Elaboration of tests”, CITO, Astana 
2014 – Online courses on English Discovery, Kazakhstan 
2014 – CLIL Courses, Astana 
2014 – Ethics of business communication and interpersonal skills, Astana 
2014 – MYP Courses in NIS, Astana 
2014 - MYP Courses in NIS, Astana 
2014 – MYP Courses, Category 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia 
2014 – Mediation training, Astana 
2015 – “Development of the gifted children”, 2nd level, Astana

Lukasz Kruczek

Economics & Business Studies educator with hands-on experience in preparing students to study overseas. Passionate and dedicated teacher with thorough understanding of A-Level, AP and IB curricula. CIE and IB Economics examiner.

Dipont Education, Xian Gaoxin No. 1 High School (China)

Oncourse China-Britain International School in Xian (China)

Xian Jiao Tong University GAC/PMP Center (China)

Kings International English in Xiamen (China)

Promar International School of Languages & Management in Rzeszow (Poland)

Technical University of Rzeszow (Poland)

Askar Kossybayev

History teacher
Pavlodar state pedagogical institute, specialization: “History, basics of law and economics”

Courses and Workshops:

2011 - «Tendencies and issues of History of Kazakhstan as a science », Pavlodar

2011 - «Technologies of distance leanring»  – Kazakh-Russian University, Astana

2012- Certificate: of programs “Modern methods in system of continuous education”, “Technology of cognition, perfection, disposal on myself”, “System of marks on educations results”, “Modern digital technology in teaching and educational system”. Almaty, Republican institute of raising qualification on head and scientific-pedagogical workers of educational system in Republic of Kazakhstan 

Meruert Omralina
Geography teacher, the highest category
Ustkamenagorsk Pedagogical Institute

Courses and Workshops:

2013– Introduction of multi languages on the basis of learning innovative technologies, Training Institute of Astana

Akkogershin Abdanbayeva

History teacher

Vladimir Rybkin


An Author of educational manual from Kazakh History for preparation to United National Testing

An editor of World History textbooks, under the editorial  of the Autonomous Educational Organization NIS

Winner of republican award “Best Teacher 2012”


Approaches to learning: Category 3

Organization of teaching process in the program of MYP, IB: Interdisciplinary Learning. Category 3

MYP Global Contexts. Category 3

History: Diploma Programme. Category 2

Grade 8 phase. Secondary Textbook Project

Medet Baizhakanov

History teacher

Kevin McCoy  

History and Social Studies, MYP and DP 

Educational History (Degrees):

2017 – The University of Memphis, M.A. History

2011 – Lewis-Clark State College, Secondary Education: History; Social Studies; American Government / Political Science.

1997 – Clark University, B.A. Comparative Politics and History

Other professional development (Certificates, workshops):

2015 – Individuals and Societies: Delivering the MYP curriculum

2014 – Diploma Programme Category 1 History (Route 2)

2014 - Additional content course: The History of Modern Philosophy: University of Idaho Independent Study

2010 – 2014 - Additional content coursework in the following Social Studies subjects: History, Geography, Sociology, Social Psychology: Louisiana State University IDL

Dinara Sarsenbayeva

World History and Social Studies teacher

West Kazakhstan humanitarian and engineering university, bachelor degree, 2014.
L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, master degree, 2016.

"3 basic level" teacher training courses - 2016 y.




Dinara Myltykbayeva

Teacher of Economics

Suleiman Demirel University, Almaty
Bachelor of Maths




Markabayeva Akerke

History teacher

Bakalavriat:  Shakarim State University, Semey, History, 2001

Magistratura:  Shakarim State University, Semey,  History, 2016

Mairikova Laura Magzumovna

Teacher of Theory of Knowledge

“Aulie -Ata” University, English language faculty, 2003
Zhambyl Humanitarian and Technical University, “Biology”, 2012


2011-2012 – “CICTT” Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers, Nazarbayev University of Astana

2011 -  Letter of award for big professional achievements, pedagogical expertise, and active participation for NIS educational policy realization 
2012 - "Time Management" Astana 
2013 - Seminar "Coordination of DP IB" Berlin, Germany 
2013 - Online course on teaching English language “А” в ДПМБ", IB organization  
2014 - Online course on writing and evaluating ToK (category 3) 2014 - Seminar-Training « Conflict management» NIS, Astana  
2015 - Letter of award for successful participation at III international Conference on Pedagogical science in Eurasia, Austria 


Imasheva Lyaila Yermekovna
Teacher of History





 Symbat Serembekova Sarsenbekkyzy

Teacher of Economics




Utepova Arman Aikynovna

Teacher of Economics



Turash Aida Sharipkyzy

Social Studies teacher 



Satybaldinov Almas Imanzhaipovich

Social Studies teacher 



Achilov Alzhan Ulugbekuly

Social Studies teacher 



Askaruly Darkhan

Teacher of History

Erkinbekova Akmaral

Social Studies teacher

Kabyldina Z.M.

Social Studies teacher

Mazkenov Azat

Social Studies teacher

Renata Ospan

Social Studies teacher