Dear parents!

We are glad to see you and your children in our school! As you know, the mission of our school is “To develop an intellectual community where all the members in the process of their development are motivated by ethical values, intercultural understanding and appreciation of lifelong learning.”

One of our main requirements for students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school is the uniform which supports discipline, the development of responsibility and meets the school’s mission. The uniform is the emblem of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school student. First of all, the uniform is an essential part of nurturing the spirit of the school community. That is why a respectful attitude to the school uniform, which is one of the main attributes of Nazarbayev Intellectual school is the duty of every student.

Parents can support the Nazarbayev Intellectual school staff by ensuring that their children follow the school dress code according to the basic rules. In case of breaking the rules the school administration will have to ask you to come for a face to face conversation.

We hope you will understand and support us.


With respect, 
Principal                                                                                                                              Bauyrzhan Serikov

Here is the link for the school curriculum:

September 1, 2010

NIS Astana was founded as Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology.

April, 2013

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Astana was successfully authorized and received ‘IB World School’ status. Of all Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, NIS Astana is the only school which offers IB programmes and qualifications.

Since September, 2010, 127 students graduated our school.

1) Graduates of 2011-2012

Total number of graduates – 41

Leading universities of Kazakhstan- 27 (65, 85%).

Nazarbayev University- 8 (19, 51%).

Abroad – 6 (14, 64%): 1) Grant- 1 (2, 45%).

2) Commercial basis-5(12, 19%).

2) Graduates of 2013-2014

Number of graduates – 44

Leading universities of Kazakhstan- 18 (40, 91%)

Nazarbayev University – 14 (31, 81%).

Foreign Universities – 12 (27, 27%): 1) Grant – 4 (9, 09%).

2) Commercial basis – 8 (18, 19%).

The first graduates with IB Diploma – Academic Year 2014-2015

3) Graduates of 2014-2015

Number of graduates – 42

Leading universities of Kazakhstan – 9 (21, 42%).

Nazarbayev University – 16 (38, 09%).

Abroad -17 (40.47%):

1) Grant -8 (19.04%)

2) Commercial basis – 9 (21.42%).

Graduates of NISA have received their education in the United States, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, China, Finland, Russia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Canada and Singapore:

1)    US universities:

 2)    Universities of South Korea:

 3)    Universities of the UK: 

4)    Universities of Germany: 

5)    Universities of China: 

 6)    University of the Czech Republic: 

7) University of Cyprus: 

8) University of Malaysia: 

9) The University of the United Arab Emirates: 

10) Universities of Switzerland: 

11) University of Canada: 

12) University of Singapore: 

13) Universities of Russia: 


14) University of Finland: 

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