Dastanova Ulpan

Head of Department

Visual arts teacher

2004-2008– Abay Kazakh National University – bachelor

2008-2010- Abay Kazakh National University – master of pedagogical science


2014 – Diploma Programme Visual Arts Guide Cat.2

2015- MYP Approaches to Learning Cat.2 

2015- MYP Visual Arts Guide Cat.2

2015 – Design thinking 

Third Basic Level Courses – 2016

Olga Danilchuk

Visual arts teacher

2010 – Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, 2010
2016 – Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University
Faculty of psychology, Psychology and pedagogy of work with gifted children master program

2016 – “Visual arts Diploma Programme(Cat.2)” Online 
2015 – “Inquiry in MYP(Cat.3)” Online 
2014 -“Arts: Delivering the MYP Curriculum (Cat.2)” Online.

Lizbeth Abadía-Klinge

Visual Arts Teacher
The National University in Colombia, Master of Plastic Arts, 

Specialization in Pottery and Ceramics, National University of Colombia

Specializations in Art History, Museum of Museums

Certificates and Diplomas:

2009 – IB DP Visual Arts 1
2010 – Arts MYP
2010 – IB Examiner Visual Arts DP since
2011 – IB DP Visual Arts 2
2011 – IB Academy 2011 / Workshop leader, member of evaluation visit team, consultant
2011 – IB Moderator Arts MYP since 2011
2012 – Pilot implementation of the new electronically assessment of Visual Arts IBDP
2013 – Participant in developing the “MYP: The Next Chapter”
2013 – Pilot implementation for Arts in MYP
2014 – Upskilling IB Learning to facilitate online
2014 – Upskilling PAI: el siguiente capítulo para responsables de taller (1)
2014 – Upskilling Taller de perfeccionamiento del PAI: Grupos de asignaturas.

Rider John Stephen

Drama teacher
Consultant – Cambridge University Press for Drama
BSc Physics – Gordon University
BA – Theatre – Rose Bruford College, Surrey, UK


2012 – Workshop Leader – The Reluctant Differentiator (Differentiation Professional Development)
2011 – Workshop Leader – Theatre Sound and Light for Non-Theatre People 

Aigul Tolegenova

Visual arts teacher

Altynsarin Pedagogical Institute

Workshops and courses:

2014- IB MYP Programme Workshop “Category 1: Design”, Astana
2014- Design in MYP, Astana
2014- Lesson study, Astana
2013- “Methods of teaching”, Astana
2013- “Development of talent of children”, Astana

Dastan Bokashev

Visual Arts Teacher

Zhansugurov Zhetysu State University

Bachelor of Arts 

Mukanova Madina

Visual Arts teacher

Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University, bachelor of art

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